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by Manuella Lupascu
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My type of Army ♥

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I have to confess that there are items in my wardrobe that don`t see the sunlight more than 2 times in their entire life. Well, 2 times for some of them is a happy situation because there are items that are brand new in my wardrobe. Don`t ask me why is so, because I don`t have an exact answer. My only thought is that I am that kind of the buyer that fall in love at first sight and as fast as I fall in love, I will also get bored with the items.
This happened also with this pair of high heels… and with the khaki vest. If you remember it, last time I wore it in a more casual way, as a dress combined with a pair of gladiator sandals ♥ I love both combinations and I would like to know which one is your favorite?! 😀
I hope you like it and I want to wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥
I was wearing:
Animal Print Heels

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