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Shamaballa Moon, the Ubud Dream


Hi loves,

Today I want to start…again, the story of our best holiday ever ( Until now). If Bangkok was a bit tricky and the 2 days we had there were not that super awesome, well, the moment we land in Bali changed everything.

Sure, there is only one small exception. At the moment we arrived, we should have been picked up by a driver but in that complete chaos at the airport we didn’t find each other and we decided to order Uber to get to our first stop in Ubud: Shamballa Moon Villa. We had the unpleasant surprise to order Uber twice and only after that to find out that Uber in Indonesia is quite forbidden and all the drivers accept the order but do not pick you up and even more they charge you a fee, because the drivers cancel the order as we are the ones that don’t show up.

But with all these experiences, we finally decided to pick a local cab and with a bit of uncertainty we arrived at the Villa around 9 p.m where they have been waiting for us with a traditional flower necklace and some super delicious melon juices. Even if it was late, since we were super tired but also super hungry, they were kind enough to cook us something fast and good like some pastas and we highly appreciated because it was not really on the “menu” :D.

Anyway, once we were settled we started to enjoy the place at it’s fullest. They told us to watch the sunrise because it is an amazing view, to try the local food because it’s delicious and it was prepared by the super nice lady, I know her name was Ylou and I hope I wrote it correctly, to enjoy a bath in the infinity pool no matter the hour and last but not least, to enjoy a Balinese massage followed by the most beautiful flower bath.

You will see all in the following pictures and we enjoyed them all at the villa because beside the accommodation, they can offer you the entire Balinese experience ♥ Believe me, it was that kind of experience that you will remember for ever and I really hope that soon we will have the chance to return at the Shamballa Villa because it was the only one that managed to make us feel the regret of leaving it, even if we had more entertaining things to do next.

Even more, Ylou’s husband was also our driver for the days we spent in Ubud and he took us to the main tourins attractions like: Monkey Frest, Cat Poochino, Holy Spring Temple, The Waterfall, a really nice restaurand near Ubud and he also told us stories about this island, about their traditions and it was really nice to understand the island from a local point of view.

Shamballa Moon, I really want to thank you for our amazing stay in Bali, for all the experiences and for being so great. Really hope to see you soon ♥

Girls, if you desire a dream holiday, this will be :)) I hope you enjoy it and stay tunned because I will do my best to create asap also the video with the first part in Bali, with this amazing place and the main tourist attractions in Ubud and near i.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Kisses, M ♥



Traditional Balinese Massage. Pure relaxation for one hour ♥


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Flower bath almost at the end :)) Wearing Exclusives.ro Swimsuit



Catch the sunrise they said!! In Exclusives.ro Swimsuit


Exclusives.ro Swimsuit


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Meli Melo ” Most Wanted” Hat & Swimsuit



Almazz Couture Dress



Meli Melo outfit: Pants & Blouse

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