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Almaaz Couture Dress in Bali


Hi loves,

It`s been a while since my last outfit post, but I have lots of pictures and outfits to share with you from my holiday and since the internet was not that good all the posts were delayed for when I get back home together with the vlogs.

So, I will start today with another post from the most amazing Villa of my Holidays :)) Each corner of this place was so Instagramable and not only, that I pictured so many items in here because I couldn’t resist, even if we are talking about swimsuits, shorts, bathrobes and as it is the case today, elegant dresses.

In combination with the white & wood deco, I think that this violet dress from Almaaz Couture looks stunning and believe it or not, I decided to just contour a bit my eyebrows and to use a lipstick because he light also seems to cover all my imperfections too.

Maybe this dress will seem a bit too much for a jungle holiday, but I had a good reason behind my decision to take it with me: during our stay it was also my loves Birthday and so I had to pick something nice and a bit sexy to celebrate him, don’t you think ♥

I want to let you know also the fact that Almaaz Couture has also more wonderful dresses perfect for the occasions that are about to come and I will invite you to take a look on their portfolio and you’ll love their work for sure!

In the mean time, I will wish you a happy Sunday and stay tuned because more posts are about to come!

Kisses, M ♥


Dress: Almaaz Couture

Sandals: Sergio Rossi

Location: Shamballa Moon Villa







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