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Autumn Khaki Dress


Autumn is here and last night was the first one in such a long period of time when I woke up because it was too cold and I felt the need to get a hoodie and put it over the t-shirt I was wearing. Usually, this cold weather is not really my favorite because I really enjoy the summer heat even if this summer the pool days I had were just a few, not because I wanted but due to the surgery.

I feel the need to stay in bed, get a blanket, make a cup of hot chocolate and well, basically watch a tv series, read a book or create some new content in here for you. It is kind of depressing but since this is the actual course of nature,we can only watch it, admire it and enjoy every yellow leaf that falls and cover the streets creating a romantic painting.

But well, it doesn’t really matter how cold was last night because it seems that we are going to have a wonderful weekend. For these kind of days I have prepared a new outfit post for you with an extremely versatile dress, perfect for autumn due to its color,  but more important, is the fact that you can wear it in multiple ways perfect for both warm and cold days.

If you’re wondering, well this dress is from and you will find a lot of items at super prices. Even more, they have different campaigns and recently they added also sportswear, shoes, loungewear and even clothing for babies, so that they can cover a large variety of products according to your needs.

You can also find a direct link to my dress on the “I was wearing” section and let me know what do you think about it.

BTW, here are also some discounts you may want to have and that will make you shopping experience even better:

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That’s all girls. Wish you all a new wonderful and productive week.

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Dress: VIPshop

Slippers: Jessica Buurman

Hat: Similar Here

Bag: Michael Kors










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