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Travel with me to Lisbon

Hi loves,

At the end of the previous month, as you might already know from my Instagram Account ( @manuelalupascu), I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal. What started as a one day trip, ended up in a night + 2 more since it was the first time ever I and traveled to this city.

So, this post will be divided in two parts and I will take them in a chronological way and guess what?! I will start by complaining the fact that I had a white night before the flight and it ended in the same note, making them 2 white nights in the end. From Bucharest to Lisbon you have only one option for departure & arrival if you want a direct and fast flight. This means you’ll fly from Bucharest to Lisbon at 6 a.m. ( imagine you have to be at 4 a.m. in the airport) and you’ll come back with a flight at 23:10 and  arrive in Bucharest at 5 a.m..

But once you arrive in Lisbon, every “sacrifice” will worth. During our first day, we had to attend the C&A event where we got a preview of their ss19 collection. I will later on attach some pictures from their fashion show and I am sure that you’ll find some amazing items that will become a must have, once they hit the stores, even more because they have a really good price/quality ration + a great design that suits different tastes.

Everything started with a socializing moment on the terrace of the Tivoli hotel. One glass of prosecco, two pictures with the amazing view we had, some appetizers an we were ready to go to the venue to continue our experience. From the hotel to the final location, we had the opportunity to travel by tuc tuc and the driver was passionate enough to tell us stories about the amazing Lisbon history. I have to tell you that I love to travel, but I love even more to discover more specific things about the city I have the chance to see. Is not always only about the Instagram pictures but also about knowledge and culture I have the chance to develop.

I have to admit, that this year, the setup was unusual but amazing at the same time. We had an improvised waterfall, a lot of burning candles, nature and a dramatic light that covered the entire room. Once the show started, I have tried to captured the best outfits ( the ones I loved the most) but also to enjoy the entire atmosphere and believe it or not, it was extremely difficult.

As for our extra days, we managed to visit some of the major tourist attractions. I will leave you here with some pictures & also, I have created a short vlog for you to see more. I think I must get used to the filming activity and to introduce myself more in the video :)) But well, since it’s more like a travel vlog, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Kisses, M ♥











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