Top 10 Designer Shoes in my Wardrobe

Hi loves,

I have promised you a post like this for a while now. Actually, today I am going to share with you only my top 10 favorite designer shoes from my wardrobe. You’ll not get to see all of them, but I want to show you only the special ones, the ones that matter, that can make a difference when I wear them. You will find designers like: Aquazzura, Giuseppe Zanotti, Tory Burch, Jacquemus, Casadei & Alexander Wang.

Also, I can tell you that stilettos are not included… too normal :)) When it comes to shoes, I rarely do normal. I have just a few pairs, cause you never know when they will be needed.

So, let’s start & by the end of this post, I am really curious to know what are your impressions and I hope you’ll tell me if you have a favorite pair.

P.S.: You’ll find a direct link by clicking on the designer’s name ♥

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These Burgundy Sandals are from Aquazzura. Yes, they have a super high heel ( 14 cm) and the platform ( 4 cm) ready to make their wearing as comfortable as possible.

They have leather sole and well, the studs made me want them really bad. Another plus, the front knots are a super cool touch. And if you ask yourself, I don’t care how tall I am while wearing heels as long as the shoes are gorgeous♥

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This pair wins by far the Title of the strangest one in my wardrobe. As you can see, they have different heels shape ( Round & Square) & I have to admit that they are not one of the most comfortable ones because you can easily hit the heels.

Nevertheless, they are extremely eye catching! Be sure that when you decide to wear a pair like this, everyone will simply stare at you. I felt it on my skin, but since I am not that shy, the feeling was amazing.

As you might already know, Jacquemus is the designer behind them ♥


This pair is not for the first time on my blog, you may remember the outfit I have made last month ( See it HERE). But even if they are the second time here, I still consider them a new in, ’cause I added them last month. You can call them a Christmas present from me to myself :)).

I had another pair of white boots, a common one that had nothing special. I  actually ruin their heels & I hope this pair will have another faith. Beside the interesting shape and the studs that bring a special touch, I can tell you that the front zip opens and you can wear it like thank. In this way you’ll find out that your legs will seem longer. So this is a great plus and they are also comfortable!

Alexander Wang is the fantastic designer and if you think white is a bit too hard to wear or to maintain, don’t worry because you’ll find a large variety of colors and textures. ♥

P.S.: They are now at a super discount!! You get to save something like 500$!! For a direct link, click on the designer’s name ♥



And now we talk about the famous Blades from Casadei. This model is not that new and I have to admit, I always wanted a pair. Somehow I was a bit reluctant due to the fact that everyone had a pair when they first appeared and I said no for a while, until I found this pair of plexi blades and it was love at first sight, with no intention to ignore them.

While wearing them, I consider myself a modern Cinderella that doesn’t have enough money for diamond shoes :))



And we are back to Aquazzura. You may notice that I have a thing for some designers and I am faithful to them :)).

These shoes need no description. I can only say that they remind me in a way of the Manolo Blahnik ones from Sex and the City. If you loved the tv series, you know for sure what I am talking about ♥


Let’s take a moment to admire these Tory Burch sandals ♥

They are so colorful that, actually just for looking at them, I have a good and positive vibe!

A lot of pompoms, strange h

eel & a splash of color. They have them all!


 In my opinion, Giuseppe Zanotti creates the sexiest shoes on earth, period. I have some pairs and I have to say that all of them are between my favorites and each time I am picking a new pair of shoes, this designer is between the first that I searching for in order to find his new collections and to see if maybe there is something that I have missed :))

Also, this is actually the most expensive pair I have. Is not that important how much it was, but I simply loved it and I got it on sale. You can be sure that I am super honest, just by taking a look at the bottom of the heel and imagine how much I wore them. I don’t know the precise work for the “bottom of the heel” but at the moment I am sad cause I don’t find any other replacements in this size :(.


And the second pair from Giuseppe Zanotti I own and I adore, is the well know and also classic pair of 3 straps sandals♥

In comparison with the Casadei Blades, for this pair I’ve made an exception. I know a lot of women that own at least a pair of this model and I always admire how long the legs seem while wearing them. And well, I have a crush for long legs and high heels so they entered my wardrobe too.

I guess it’s like an addiction and after I put my hand on it, I was extremely fine with the fact that I am one in a million :))



Ready for a dance on a tropical Island? This requires a pair of Aquazzura Tropicana Sandals :))

I knwo it may sound funny, but this is their actual name. And can you blame it?

Simply by looking at the front details, I feel the need to make some moves and book a flight to a nice place, preferable with summer weather.

I have them since 2017 and I believe they are still trending and easy to integrate in the actual fashion trends ♥



The time has arrived and here I am, sharing with you the last pair of my top 10 favorite designer shoes. Same tropical vibe and with a delicious taste of pineapple. Summer vibes only!!

As you might already knew from the sign on the sole, they are also from Aquazzura.

Where is that holiday ticket? :))

I hope you find my selection interesting and I am really curious to know which pair is your favorite or at least which one you consider to be the most interesting?

I have my thoughts but leave them here in a comment!

Kisses, M ♥

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