Love or Hate


Hi loves,

Today I am not wearing anything elegant or girlish and I am more on a casual mood while wearing a co ords ( tee & trousers set) from Femme Luxe, while jumping around in my new pair of Dr. Martens boots on white ( Jadon 8 Eye boots).

I think these boots became a must have last year and they continued to be present in the outfits during every single season:

  • you wear a summer dress? add some Martens
  • you’re on your winter holiday? wear them too
  • Autumn is coming? add a pair of boots while wearing some skinny jeans and that oversized blazer
  • Spring? You can still wear them :))

Having this in mind, you can understand why I own 2 pairs of the same model, but in different colors, right? My first pair is on cherry red , now I have them in white too and actually I am thinking that black is missing and soon they will be ordered too :)) ( P.S.: Click on the color and you’ll be directed straight to them)

I have mine from Shopbop ( both pairs) and I have to tell you that if you leave, mainly, in Europe or better said you’re used with the European sizes, you should pay attention to sizing because they are listed in US sizes. I’ve made a small mistake and ordered the first boots with half size bigger, but to be honest I kept them because I felt comfortable in them. There is no problem with the return policy, actually it’s really easy but maybe I was a bit lazy and decided to keep them like that.

The second one came in the right size and as an example, I am normally wearing 38 and the right size for me is 7! Hope this can help you.

And now, since I own 2 and I am going for 3 pairs soon, it’s more than obvious that I LOVE the Dr Martens boots. I am really curious, what you think about them? I know they are chunky and they might not be on everyone’s taste, but who can give them a try?

This is it for today and I wish you a lovely week ( It’s actually the last week of summer so you should better make the most of it).

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Sunglasses: Saint Laurent

Co Ords: Femme Luxe

Backpack: Nissa

Boots: Dr. Martens








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