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The Real Black Friday ♥

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Hi loves ♥

As you all know, in Romania, black Friday starter at the beginning of the month :)). Well, in the same note, as you might know, BF sales are made for the last week of November and here I am presenting you some super discounts on my fav online shop, plus a new autumn outfit that I simply adore.

So, first things first: This Phillip Lim bag with which you’re super used to because I wore it like crazy is now on sale. It can be matched with many outfits, meaning that it’s super versatile, but also, I always carry lots of things with me and all of them can fit in this bag.

Tips: These bags are super classy and always on store but rarely get a discount. If you are in need of a bag like this, you should check it asap cause they will be out of stock soon.

Second: I love this pair of shoes. I honestly don’t know if loafers are still a things and fashionable, but I couldn’t care less :)) I have them for a while now, but you can find them at Dr. Martens too.

Tips: Use “MORE19” at checkout if you want to enjoy discounts by up to 75%. And since I know you love the Dr. Martens boots, guess what? Some of them are already discounted but by using this code, you’ll get quite a deal.

Last but not least, I love sunglasses and I know you do too. Mine are Saint Laurent and it’s one of the brands that are excluded from the sale. But if you want some great pairs, don’t worry cause you can find brands like: Ray Ban, Le Specs, Kenzo, Chloe and more that still enjoy the extra discount.

If you did not figured it out, I am talking about SHOPBOP :)) Right now I am browsing the website to see if I can find something that I really want and maybe something extra cause we never know :)).

Wish you all a lovely shopping experience and let me know if you have something in your wishlist that you might buy.

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Hat: Zara

Sunglasses: Sait Laurent

Blazer: Lynne

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bag: Phillip Lim

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