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Our second day in Cannes, was beyond perfection. We had decided to go and relax by the beach and to enjoy a cold Granita. I have to admit that this was my favorite drink during the holiday and I know that basically is not that healthy, but come on, it was just for a few days πŸ˜€

For me, everything was just in the right place and by spending a few days there, for the first time I started thinking how it can be to live there. And everything in my mind was just perfect and relaxing, you know the kind of activities and life that we should all enjoy at some point in time? Well Cannes fit them all, at least from a theoretic point of view β™₯

I will continue to tell you more about this place and have a small story with each picture that will follow. In this way I think you`ll have a better image and you`ll understand better the magic of the city.

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Is not that hard to understand, but they all love Marilyn Monroe. She was present like everywhere. On the buildings, inside the buildings, on souvenirs, you could have that kind of picture where you have the body of a star… in this case Marilyn, and your face instead of her and so on. But even if it sounds a bit too much, all these were not that overwhelming.
And this picture was taking near the train station, that is close to everything in the city. Maybe also because it`s not that bit, but it`s situated 5 minutes from the beack… by feet β™₯



The Cannes Cruise Port.
Was situated right after the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. If this name, doesn`t ring a bell, then you should know about the Cannes Film Festival and this is the place where all the glamour happens. I have to admit, that the building itself is not that impressive and it`s a bit out of the city`s harmony but all in all it creates great events and gathers some of the most important people in the cinema industry.

Going back to the port, this is a place that it is impossible to be missed. You can see great yachts and also if you have a great group of friends with you, maybe the borrowing option of a yacht will make a difference for your trip and you`ll be able to enjoy the day on the sea.






































The Beaches
In Cannes you can enjoy both public and private beaches. During our stay, we analyzed both of the andΒ  if you can resist to stay in the sun, you can go for the public ones. But in our case, we preferred the private ones that had umbrellas. for sure, the public ones are for free and you have to bring the towel with you and the private ones give you beds, umbrellas, towels at a cost of 16 euro per person. Sure, you can also but drinks and food at an extra cost.

As for the best place to get some tan in this city, we found that the best place was after the port on Boulevard du Midi. Here the prices were smaller and the most important aspect, the water was cleaner. The ones that start right after the Palais de Festivalls on the Boulevard de la Croisette, even if they were more expensive due to the fact that they were owned by one of the most expensive hotels in Cannes, the water there was not so crystal clear.

So,Β  my suggestion will be to check both of them during your holiday but to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea on the beaches situated on Boulevard du Midi.





When it comes to food, everything is delicious in Cannes. But I have to admit that I also took my detox tea with me, sure, the summer edition, just to be sure that I`ll be on track with my healthy lifestyle.
Well, the food. We read on the internet right before our departure that in Cannes, the food portions are small and expensive, so we were a bit scared thinking on what we should eat there.

But the truth was completely different. We decided to take a walk on Rue Felix Faure, where you can find a great variety of restaurants with different specifics. Our final pick was a restaurant called Bistrot A Huitres, which had a menu that costs 25 euros/person and contained appetizer, main course and desert.
We considered it to be like too much, but we also thought that maybe the portions were smaller and that we will go back home ALMOST full. The reality, big portions that could have feed 4 persons. The appetizers were as big as the main courses in Romania, they were also delicious and fresh.

So you should not worry about the found and don`t take into consideration everything you read on the internet. Starting the next day we decided to eat only one course because it was more than enough and also it was not expensive at all, in the end the final price per person was like no more than 15-20 euro for food.

If you want restaurants recommendations this is one you shouldn`t miss in Cannes even more if you`re a seafood lover. But, I will be back with another recommendation in my next post, so stay tunned!





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