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Hi loves, Asteptam de ceva vreme sa vina primavara si recunosc, cu prima raza de soare zarita, fara sa stau pe gandutri, am iesit din casa! Destinatia? Orice local cu terasa si cafea buna. Imi doream sa stau la soare si sa simt cum mi se incalzeste fata fiindca de frig ma saturasem. Dar astazi […]


Conturarea sprancenelor in 3 pasi

Hi loves, Astazi m-am decis sa va arat pas cu pas, cum imi conturez sprancenele. Cumva, poza de before (cea de sus) a iesit mai bine decat in realitate :)) In sensul ca golurile pe care le am sunt mult mai accentuate si din punct de vedere al formei, sunt destul de asimetrice. Mai mult, […]


Freeze a moment: Is it Spring?

Sometimes… You have to understand that life is not perfect, it doesn’t bring you only the best experiences and it gets you through all kind of challenges. This is life, bitter & sweet at the same time. But with all these, in life we need to learn from our mistakes. They are not easy, sometimes […]


Beauty: Recomandarile saptamanii

Hi loves, Astazi m-am gandit sa impart cu voi mai multe informatii si detalii cu privire la produsele de beauty, 4 la numar, care m-au impresionat. Teoretic sunt 6 in total, fiindca o sa va vorbesc in prima instanta de o gama care imi place foarte mult ♥ De ceva timp nu mai cred intr-un […]


London Fashion Week

Hi loves, I am back from London for around 2 weeks and I finally managed to take some time to tell you about my entire experience with both the city and the fashion week ♥ It all started on Feb 16, when I took the plane and for the first time the flight destination was […]


March covered in snow

Hi loves, It’s been a while since we last had snow at the begging of March. As far as we all know, spring is here, we should have seen flowers at every corner of the street and our outfits… well should not include faux fur coats. Nevertheless, what is a winter without snow, even if […]