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Freeze a moment: Is it Spring?



You have to understand that life is not perfect, it doesn’t bring you only the best experiences and it gets you through all kind of challenges. This is life, bitter & sweet at the same time.

But with all these, in life we need to learn from our mistakes. They are not easy, sometimes we get hurt on the process, but I’ve heard a good one recently: “There is either a win or a learning, never a defeat”. Nothing can get you down except yourself.

During my bad times, I have learned that I have to be strong, to keep on hoping and  to never lose my smile. Life is easier when you see it in pink and when you find the strength to smile and always think that tomorrow you have the chance to fight again against anything that disappointed you.

Be a better person and encourage the ones around you to do the same. I always had compassion and I wanted to help people as much as I can. Don’t get into that negative mindset and don’t tell yourself that people will get advantage of your kindness. They will anyway… but at least you can always get an idea of whom you must surround yourself by.

You may not find a direct connection between my words and the pictures, but there is one. For the first time in my outfit posts, I find beauty in these dark pictures, where you can barely see my face, but you can see the hope behind me. Pink always makes me smile and brings me a positive vibe. It’s been a hard period for me, nothing really bad happen, it was mainly a problem with myself… but I always tried and I will continue to see the bright side.

I hope you’ll have a perfect week and please, don’t forget to be kind because there are enough bad things in this world!

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Hat: New Era & an awesome one at Rag & Bone

Camel coat: Similar Here

Turtleneck: Zara

Bag: YVY Bags

Pants: Vipshop

Sneakers: Giuseppe Zanotti






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