March covered in snow


Hi loves,

It’s been a while since we last had snow at the begging of March. As far as we all know, spring is here, we should have seen flowers at every corner of the street and our outfits… well should not include faux fur coats.

Nevertheless, what is a winter without snow, even if it came a bit late? Taking this into consideration, I decided not to be sad, even if I am not such a big fan of the winter + the snow and enjoy it at the fullest while wearing a colorful outfit that can brighten my day ♥ It seems that I’ve made the perfect decision because many of you sent me pictures of your colorful outfits on Instagram and in the same time I brought some smiles on the streets, which was the most desired outcome.

Also, if you can imagine during the day I wore this outfit, I was really grumpy ’cause I had to go out from the house and participate to an event. Is not about the activity, because this is what I enjoy the most, but during that day the weather got even worst and it was really cold. Just imagine how comfy and cozy I was at home before leaving it!! But in the end, I had a wonderful day, I had the chance to meet wonderful people, to discover some new things in the beauty area and also to spend some time with my lovely friend, Oana ♥

I think that some of those wonderful days come when you expect them the less and we should start every single day with a positive state of mine and seek the advantages in everything around us!

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Wish you all a wonderful weekend,

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Marc Jacobs Snapshot camera bag

Red Hat: Old, Find a similar one HERE

Pink Sweater: H&M (Similar HERE)

Red Faux Fur Jacket: H&M

Black Denim Pants: Reserved

Studded Black Boots: Similar HERE








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