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I am not the best story teller but by far I am the biggest fan of different items that have a story behind them.

Today, as you can see in this post, I am wearing a super casual and basic outfit. Nothing out of the ordinary, except one thing, that pops out in the pictures like nothing else. Maybe it is due to the color, shape or style, but this Andra Oprea Backpack, has stole my heart forever and also the place of many other bags.

And guess what?! Andra is also a dreamer that wants to create for us unique stories, stories of our own. The pure magic of her bags stays in the  crafted textures that comes all the way from Hmong tribes. Just google the name of the tribe and go to the pictures and you will see a splash of colors. The best part is that you do not have to travel the world to Thailand, because Andra will make your dream happen and you have the chance to take with you everyday a small part of their history together with your desired magic color.

Just take your time to have a look on her wonderful work and for sure you will be amazed, as I was when I first saw them ♥

For all the other details about my outfit, just check, as usual, the I was wearing section and you will have a direct link to each item.

P.S.: I am wearing these Giuseppe Zanotti espadrilles like for a while now and they are the most comfortable and perfect pair of shoes. I am so sad that soon I will have to change them with a more appropriate pair for the changing season 🙁

Wish you all a wonderful evening,

Kisses, M ♥

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