Autumn outfit in black and blue


Good morning loves! It seems that today will be a long day so I have to admit that I have prepared this outfit last night. Well, it was more like a few hours before, but it doesn`t really matter.

I wanted to share with you my new outfit together with my latest crush: This new pair of Dsquared Sunglasses from Edel Optics. Is a brand new website that I discovered a while ago, if you remember, I posted another pair from the Jerome Boateng collection that was also from this site. What you have to know?

Original sunglasses at super prices that will deserve your time and investment. And about the sunglasses I`m wearing today, as look as I have a lot of pictures in this post with them, you can imagine how much I like their shape and how they look on my face. Or the other way round how my face look while wearing them ahahah.

And imagine that I was a bit reluctant to the idea of buying a pair that has bright frames. Maybe it was due to that period of time when I was a blonde and it was a bit difficult to wear white and beige frames because everything seemed to be so pale. But I am happy with my decision and I will invite you to take a look too, because you will find something that matches your tastes. I can guarantee for that!

And another funny thing about what I am wearing. The entire outfit was composed by starting with the sweater; I love it and I have it for a while now. The rest of the outfit was easy because I chose to go all black, but when it came to the bag, I had an issue. I had my DKNY black bag in so many picture lately because I could not keep it away. And now I was in search of something new and this blue bag was already removed from the A/W wardrobe because I consider it more suitable for Spring/Summer. In the end I had to take a ride to my mom, turn the closet upside down to find it and take all the risks.

But I think in the end it looks good! What do you think?

I wish you all a wonderful day and cannot wait to hear your impressions.

Kisses, M ♥

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  1. It looks great, the sweater seems so cozy, and the sunglasses are fabulous! It was worth the trouble to get this blue bag, it works perfectly with the sweater and the rest of the outfit 🙂

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