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Good Evening loves! I want to make a routine out of sharing with you new websites, must have items and deals that you don`t have to miss. So I will start from now a new topic that will be called “Item Selections” and will feature every time deals that you can find on specific websites that I know and tested before.

Today is the case of Rosegal.com and I will show you some of the items you can find on this website, my fav selections and you`ll get the link to each item. Sure, I highly suggest you to visit their website if these items will be on your taste, because I am sure you will find products that suit your style and tastes even more.

I will be happy to hear your opinion on this initiative and if this will come into your interest. Even more now, that the holidays are coming and some of the websites we used to order from are not shipping worldwide anymore.

Kisses, M ♥


  1. Black Skinny Jeans
  2.  Lace-up Sweater
  3. Glitter Heels Boots
  4. Black Tote Bag
  5. Rings set


  1. Plaid Hoodie
  2. High Waisted Jeans
  3. PU Hat
  4. Black Sneakers

We had a small part of the Women Clothing, shoes and accessories and you also have to know that you can find Men clothing in the same time.

And next, I will show you a small preview of what you can find on their website if we`re talking about home and deco.


  1. Pine Shadow Projection
  2.  Cat Pillow Case
  3.  Work Hard… Wall Sticker
  4. Deer Wall Sticker

I hope these come into your interest and don`t forget to visit rosegal and tell me your opinions about it. Many great items at super affordable prices and very interesting gifts options ♥

Have a wonderful day!

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