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First trip to Asia – Bangkok


Hi loves,

Today I will tell you more about the beginning of our Asian trip. At the moment I am preparing to change places from Ubud, Bali to Seminyak, Bali. But first things first

We had everything packed and on 10th of June we took our first flight to Frankfurt in the evening, at the local hour. A small stop, a change of planes and we were right on our way to Bangkok. We decided to fly with Lufthansa, because at the moment when we bought the plane tickets it was the best option, taking into consideration the number of flight hours ( around 13) and also the price.

The only inconvenience, was the fact that our first stop was in Vienna initially , but it has changed and we had to go via Frankfurt and to add like 3 more hours to our flight and a longer waiting in the airport. A white night has followed, because I couldn’t sleep in the airplane, but since I was really enthusiastic I did not felt the flight so bad and we were already in Bangkok.

We spent only 2 nights in this amazing city. We picked FX Metrolink Hotel, which has a direct connection to the main airport and we had to get down at the Makkasan station. It was really easy to find it and lucky us, we managed to save some money and to go by the metro. The hotel was also really close to theΒ  city metro station, called Petchaburi that we found really useful since it got us to the city center really fast.

We had some adventures on our way here, but everything went just fine in the end. For example,Β  had like 4-5 lighters and in Frankfurt I was suspected of having explosive :)) I think they just wanted to have to fun because I had 4 in my purse and those were the only ones they saw… while still having 2 on my jacket pocket, that I forgot about.

And another funny one, even if for us, at the moment was really disturbing, was the fact that on our second day, we w

anted to visit the Grand Palace. We did not knew that it is closing at 3p.m. but actually we were quite in time since we arrived in China Town aroung 1:30 p.m. and decided to take a tuk tuk to take us there. But come on… the driver stopped after 30 m to buy cigarettes, he told us that he will take us to visit another palace and also to a really great shopping area. All in all sounds great, but the small palace was not so impressive as the Grand Palace and the shopping area was more like a small local store with jewels produced locally, made to measure men clothing and some souvenirs… The thing we were going to discovered was the fact that the drivers always take to to these kind of shops because they get free gas if you spend there at least 15min and it doesn’t really matter if you buy something or not.

But getting back to our main problem, was the fact that this experience last for more than expected and we arrived at the Grand Palace at 15:03, so guess what?!?! The Palace was closed and I can bet that the driver knew the closing hour. Without a useless trip where we saw basically nothing, we would have arrived at 13:45 at the Palace and had time to visit it. If you plan a visit, just be careful because for one more euro they are willing to do different things and just keep you away from the schedule.

Just to keep our day still busy, we only had the opportunity to take the boat around, I don’t really know what :)) and after that we went to Lebua to have dinner at their Sky Bar, but we ended up at another restaurant a few levels lower, by the pool because we were not dressed properly, meaning that Iustin was wearing shorts and they have a smart casual dress code. So this is one more thing you need t0 know about this place if you want to have the most amazing

view in Bangkok.

Also the prices for tuk tuk are very different… :)) Some may ask you 25 or 35 Euro or $ while the ride costs no more than 6-7.

Anyway, we will still have the chance to visit the Grand Palace, even if at the moment we are in Bali, cause our departure will be made from Bangkok and we will stay there for 3 more nights. I will keep you updated if we will have a bit more luck.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Kisses, M β™₯

First outfit:

Meli Melo: Hat

Meli Melo: Blouse

Meli Melo: Bag

Meli Melo: Pants

Meli Melo: Bracelets

MVMT Watch

Fashion Up Sandals

Second Outfit:

Stada Boutique: Cover Up

Exclusives: Shorts

Meli Melo: Sunglasses

Meli Melo: Headpiece

Zara: Sandals

Nissa: Backpack

Meli Melo: Bracelets

MVMT: Watch




















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