Pink for Happy Days


Hi loves,

I always loved the pink color. Is not just because is the most girlish color of them all and since we are born we associate it with girls and princesses, while blue is for boys, but for me is just a super happy color.

It always brings a smile on my face and give me a good vibe when I see it and when I am wearing it. This time, I am not wearing pink clothing, but I decided to pick both the shoes and the backpack in this color, even if I am not quit a fan of matching these two.

You might already know the unique bags made by Andra Oprea and if you remember I have another backpack from her collection in blue and sure, in another shape, but this mini Explorer backpack stole my heart instantly and I said to myself that I must have it. To create the rest of the outfit was quite easy after putting my hands on the backpack: I just decided to tie a scarf around my head, add my favorite pink sneakers from Giuseppe Zanotti, which btw is one of my favorites shoes designer and the MVMT watch to complete the accessories. A pair of denim shorts is so common, I cannot say I was struggling to pick them :)) I just put my hand in the closet and pick the ones I got my hands on first and then remembered about this shirt I wore under a dress at Feeric Fashion Week and which I had to reveal more because it’s actually simple but with a twist.

It can’t be much easier than this. Something I like the outfits in which I invest the least time and effort because they end up to be really nice but comfortable in the same tme. What do you think about it?

Btw, to all the Romanians readers in here, are you still partying? I ask because I am really jealous and I am not really happy about this ahahah.

Wish you a wonderful evening,

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

White shirt: VIPshop

Mini Explorer Backpack: Andra Oprea

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Denim Shorts: Exclusives

Scarf: Similar Here

Watch: MVMT







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