Polka Dot Dress


Hi loves ♥

Today I want to share with you the cutest polka dot dress ever. I have it for a while now and if you follow me on Instagram too, you probably have seen the first styling I have made. Since it is extremely versatile, I decided to wear it with a pair of boots and a biker jacket.

For today, I skipped the jacket and change the boots for a pair of white sneakers with some red embroidered flowers. Not such a big change, but still… this amazing dress can also work perfectly with a pair of red, gold, black, nude high heels :)) ♥

Even more, the joyful and playful outfit, from my point of view, goes perfectly with the blooming trees. I went a few days ago with my mom to take these pictures, and this is how they looked like. I just admire the beauty of nature and every spring, it somehow manages to fascinate me.

I am also planing to take another set of pictures with the blooming trees, but I won’t tell you too much. Just wait for it, ’cause they will be so lovely. At least I hope they will, because this shooting is basically planned for tomorrow and I hope they will still be full of flowers :)).

Wish me luck and in the mean time, I wish you all a fabulous day!

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Michael Kors Bag

NA-KD polka dot dress

Belt: Similar Here

Sneakers: No name Brand









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