Sunflower Field


Hi loves,

As you might have seen, a few days ago I was out to take some pictures in the sunflower field. I am really enthusiastic to share the results with you mainly because I love the pictures and because they are a bit different from my usual street style posts.

Oh yes, this means I have also prepared a cute outfit for you, at least I have tried to match the outfit with the background and to create a nice color contrast between them ♥

The Red Flounce Dress has became my latest addiction. I simply love it and it seems so nice for summer. Beside the fact that it looks really nice, is also super comfy and I felt good in it for the entire day, even if it was a really hot day. You can find it on NA-KD and it’s part of a special collaboration between them and Linn Ahlborg. You have a direct link of it HERE and the nicest part is that you can also find it on white.

Also, if you decide to order it or anything else from the website, you can use my personal code: Manuelax20 for 20% discount on the entire order ♥

The Bamboo Circle Bag from Cult Gaia is not that new, but I made a habit out of wearing it. It’s really eye catching and everytime I am wearing it, people on the streets are asking me about it. Is not that bit and there is place just for a few things, but it doesn’t really matter because there is plenty of space in my car for everything else. You know that a women’s car is basically a second home, hahah.

You have a direct link to it HERE, but take a look also on the other iconic bags from Cult Gaia, because you have seen many of them in the city and on the nicest Pinterest pictures ♥

In the same note ( smart shopping), Shopbop just added a lot of products on sale with up to 70% discount. Take a look if you want to get some goodies.

The biggest Hat I own is from Fandacsia. If you’re asking me, I can’t drive and wear it at the same time, I cannot get out of the door with it on my head and I bothered a lot of people on the streets. I am not a diva, but believe it or not, I needed a larger personal space than usual. I am really curious to see how I will travel with in on the airplane next Monday :)) It will be a huge challenge and wish me luck and keep the fingers crossed because I don’t want to be forced to introduce it in the luggage, or even worst to replace the small bag with it :)).

That’s the story of today’s outfit. Regarding the pictures, well, I saw this kind of pictures for a while now, but somehow I lost the ride in the previous years. This year, Andra was the one that made the entire plan and we kind of kept it.

I hope you like the pictures! Wish you all a wonderful day girls!

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Cult Gaia Bamboo Bag

NA-KD Red Flounce Dress

Adidas Sneakers

Fandacsia Hat

Sunglasses: Similar Here










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