First Autumn Day ♥


Hi loves,

I wanted to mark the last Summer day/First day of Autumn with a new outfit post on blog. Even if the weather is still extremely hot, I wanted to wear something that suits this season transition.

For a while now I was so much into the sock sneakers like the Balenciaga ones, it’s impossible not to know them and I had some difficulties in deciding if I should own them or not because they are basically everywhere. No more than 2 weeks ago, I was browsing my favorite designer online shop ( Find it HERE) and discovered a great discount on a pair of sock sneakers from Giuseppe Zanotti.

As you already know, I can honestly say that Zanotti is in my top 3  favorite shoes designers. While I was struggling with my decision, my hands were working and I found myself in the confirm order position. Ironic or not, it would have been a pity to waste the entire “work” to get into that step, so I hit the final button :))

After a few days they arrived and believe it or not, they are so comfortable that I am wearing them almost everyday since then. I can still sing Cardi B’s song “I like those Balenciaga, the ones that look like socks” , but most probably I will just have to be pleased with what I have ♥

P.S.: The discount was quite big ( 70% less) and impossible to be neglected. In the end, I admit, I am addicted to shoes and for sure they are my real crush.I am thinking to make a video with my shoes collection. What do you think about it?

Wish you all a wonderful Autumn and stay tuned because there are more great things to come!

Kisses,M ♥


I was wearing:

Giuseppe Zanotti socks sneakers

Vintage Vest


Meli Melo Hat

White Shirt Dress Similar HERE









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