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24h in London with Skechers


Hi loves,

As you already know, last week I was in London with Skechers to party and to discover the new One Piece style. I am happy to say that beside the great experience that we had,  I was also, for the second time in London this year.

Last year, I’ve made a travel wishlist with the city I want and I hope to visit during 2018. London was between them and in February I’ve visited it for the first time. Somehow, it seems that when there is a first, it will always come a second… obviously, but I didn’t thought that it will come that fast, in the same year. The only sad part, I would say, is the fact that I didn’t manage to visit it as a real tourist. In between shows and events, I always see it through the window of the cab.

Anyway, moving on, for sure there will be a third time and I promise myself to get time to visit it properly.

Regarding the Skechers adventure, I was a bit scared. Not because something bad could happen, but just because it was the first time when I traveled alone. Regardless of my fears, everything went super smooth and the team ensure every single details so that we all feel good and comfortable and I want to thank them for this.

Basically I had only 24h to enjoy the experience. After landing, the driver was waiting for me at the airport and after a one hour driving and talking about their incredible city, I arrived at the hotel. Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch was my home for one night. This place is amazing, I can tell, with an incredible lobby, spacious rooms with comfy beds and their terrace with a really good view.

As always I didn’t get to spend much time in the room, because we had to get ready really fast and go to the party. We were only 5 minutes away of walking but still, I always find the clock to be my worst enemy :)) and we also had to eat something because I, for example, had only a yogurt in the morning while waiting my flight.

Before the party, I got my hands on the new pair of Skechers one piece sneakers. As you might guess, I prepared an outfit and well, they came with me on the dancefloor. A lot of cool people waiting in line to enter the party, cool music and at least one hour to show our best moves. Oh, I almost forgot: we also had prosecco. What’s a party without some sparkling wine and delicious cocktails?

The next day, I had the flight at 3p.m. Since I met Isabella on the lobby, actually we kind of stared at each other on the lobby and had a proper meet on the terrace, we got along really well. So she had a similar flight and we decided to go out in the morning ( at 9a.m.) to shoot some outfits. We had some adventures and she knows what I am talking about, but believe me, these will be our secret :)).

All in all, I had 24h in style, full of memories and I want to thank Skechers for everything. This is the part I love the most in this job. I have the chance to travel and to meet amazing people from different countries and we are all united by the same hobby and passion.

Hope to have the chance to create more memories like this.

Wish you all a new wonderful week and stay tuned because there are more to come.

Kisses, M ♥





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  1. Intotdeauna arati impecabil indiferent de circumstante sau daca esti pe graba. Nu este vreo tinuta care sa nu-mi fi placut. 😍😍

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