What’s your favorite Knitwear?


Hi loves,

Today I am back with a new outfit and this time we will talk about comfy & warm knitwear. I have to say that during Autumn ( and not only), I love them in every shape and color, but this year, like never before I had a crush on yellow/mustard ones. They fit so perfectly in the Autumn “painted” landscape that it easily became my favorite color of this season.

Also, we can all agree that beside the practical use, they also look extremely nice and since it’s trending to use the word, oh well, they are “Istagramable”. If you ask me about my personal knitwear collection, I can tell you that only this season, I made some space for no less than 10 new sweaters in different shapes and colors, in order to make my Autumn warmer.

If you need a certain destination, you can check the new Tom Tailor knitwear collection. You’ll find a lot of colors and shape and I can bet that you’ll find more than one to match your tastes. But one sad thing, in my case, I am still searching for the perfect black sweater.

It’s been a while, I have seen many, but somehow didn’t managed to get one home with me. Maybe it’s something with me and I am a bit difficult when it comes to the color. Cause I’ve seen the same model in other colors and guess what? I actually bought them :))

Mmmm, if it’s actually written, my reasons actually seem silly so I guess it’s a matter of color perception in my mind. I even more, you know that I don’t really wear so much black and of well, ok… I have a “problem”!

I hope you enjoy this outfit and I am really curious to know what’s your favorite knitwear color? Please don’t say all, take a second, think a bit and I am sure that only one will pop in the end.

Wish you all a wonderful day,

Kisses, M ♥






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