It’s that time of the year ♥


Hi loves,

Officially, it’s that time of the year when we all rush to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones. I managed to get most of them and the only one left is for my “little” puppy, cause well, he deserves something too for being so good with us and for all the joy he brought to us once we got him.

But if you still try to find one, I have prepared some gifts ideas at the end of this post. You will find cute sweaters, a pair of boots, beanies or maybe you want to offer a warm and nice jacket. In any case, we have them all ♥. Also the today’s outfit can be a cute idea for the family dinner on Christmas day. What do you think?

As you can guess, the entire outfit is available in the Tom Tailor stores and also online Here. Since I am always having dinner with my family every year, my outfit is not that glamorous because we are staying at home, enjoy the time we get to spend together and eat some of the most delicious traditional dishes my mom will prepare.

But if you plan a more fancy dinner, in a special place, don’t worry, you will also find some elegant dresses or maybe a festive outfit composed by a dress and a blouse. No matter what you decided to wear, I am sure you will all look gorgeous. But please, don’t forget to bring happiness and joy around the table and offer all the gifts with love.

I hope you have a wonderful time and between the month rush, don’t forget to enjoy every moment. You don’t need to be stressed, you have to do the exact opposite.

Kisses, M ♥








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