My first second hand designer bag


Hi loves,

As some of you already know in my country we celebrated the Orthodox Easter on 28th of March. Also 1st of May it’s the National Labor Day and we kind of had a free week. Most of the people went on holidays abroad or stayed in the country but went to the mountains or seaside.

Guess what? I stayed at home trying to get better from the second flu I got this month. Two in a month it’s a lot to handle but I guess I was also extremely tired and I’ve made my body vulnerable because I stayed away from it for more than 2 years.

Anyway, 3 days at home, mostly in bed, but in the end I have tried to be productive too and thus, here I am with a new outfit post. I really miss these posts from my blog and believe it or not, I am also preparing a travel post from London. I am still working on it, having some tourist attractions to mention and a few outfits, all in one post.

But back to our today’s post. It was an outfit I took with me in London but didn’t managed to wear, because as usual I always pack more outfits than necessary. But since I am a bit clumsy and end up with my clothing dirty, sometimes, having 2-3 extra outfits can save the holiday.

Regarding the topic of the day, this is my first second hand designer bag. I wanted a Pashli Medium Satchel bag ( you can see it here on a Mini version) from Phillip Lim for a while now. It’s that kind of bag that lasts more than a season and being black it’s also a big advantage: it goes well with so many outfits. I have it from a friend of mine, Denisa Luntraru, you might know her already.

Honestly, I don’t really know why she decided to sell it :)) But I don’t put so many questions because I am really happy about it. One more advantage was the fact that she wore it for two or three times so when I got it, it was like brand new. The only signs of use are now made by myself.

But in the end, we can say everyone is happy ♥

You can find a large variety of preowned items from What Goes Around Comes Around on Shopbop too if you’re interested in buying some designer items at a good price and in a good condition. Some are even vintage pieces that can be included into a personal collection ♥ I am following some items and already added them on my wishlist: Chanel I am watching you :))

As for the rest of the items, I will leave you all the details bellow.

Wish you a wonderful week,

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Phillip Lip Pashli Medium Satchel

Prada Sunglasses

Lynne Coat

Zara neon Top

Lynne Pants

Alexander Wang Loafers




P.S.: There is also a Surprise Sale on Shopbop and if you’re into some shopping these days, go check it out cause you get up to 40% discounts!


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