How often do you wear skirts?


Hi loves,

Last days of Spring are here and I cannot wait for the Summer season to officially begin. I am so ready to wear my dresses and skirts during these months and I could’t wait any longer. This being said, I decided to wear a white outfit from Tom Tailor with a touch of brown and in my opinion this outfit screams: “I have summer in my mind”.

You know that I love to wear dresses, sometimes more than skirts, but somehow I feel that a dress can be worn a few times because the outfits are mainly the same. While skirts, well, they can be reinvented and with the right styling they can be combined in different ways with a total different result.

So now I want to know what do you prefer: Skirts, dresses or even pants?

Maybe the correct answer will be all of them since we actually have a few of each in our wardrobe. Don’t you think?

Wish you all a lovely day and stay tuned, I have another post for Tomorrow ♥

Kisses, M ♥





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