Transitional Jackets


Hi loves,

I am back from Milan Fashion Week and as much as I would like to sleep for a few days, it’s basically impossible because I have to catch up with everything and get back on track. It was amazing and prepare for a blog post with all the outfits I wore during the last week.

For now, I have prepared a new outfit in collaboration with Tom Tailor. Autumn it’s here and somehow we have to dress for that strange weather in between seasons. I didn’t managed to make the wardrobe transition, but a leather jacket with a pair of jeans will always do the work.

As much as I would like to dress fancy & girlish while wearing that gorgeous pair of heels, there are days when I love to be casual & comfortable. This outfit is made for this kind of days and it will never get out of fashion, especially if we talk about the leather jacket. I am sure we all own one and wear it without doubt each and every spring & autumn, am I right?

What about you? Have you managed to make the wardrobe transition?

Wish you all a wonderful day!

Kisses, M ♥






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