Sweater Weather


Hi loves,

The Knitwear season it’s here. Even if we still enjoy temperatures above 20 Degrees Celsius, in the morning & in the evening nothing else is more perfect than a fluffy & cozy sweater!! Don’t you agree?

I have always been  a fan of them and I simply can’t stop myself from buying some new ones with the start of every cold season. As a hint on taking care of them, I suggest you not to clean them using the washing machine at home and take them to a dry cleaning professional service.Why? Well, the answer is simple: You’ll prevent the pilling process and the item will last more in your wardrobe ♥

Now, you can find some cool ones in the Tom Tailor stores: pink, yellow, black, white… you name it, because they have them in almost every color you desire, thicker or thinner. Oh and one more thing: they also added some super cool jackets, perfect for the cold weather that it’s about to come. I would say it’s better to be safe than sorry and be prepared, right?

Wish you all a wonderful week and don’t forget to smile and stay warm!

Kisses, M ♥







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