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Dr. Martens – Must have boots


Hi loves,

Today I want to talk about some boots. But not just any boots, I will talk about the wants that drove the entire planet crazy: we all want to have them in as many colors as possible, to wear them all year long because they are suitable from winter to summer and most important, they have an affordable price and it’s amazing how they become super addictive and desired.

Yes, I am talking about the Dr. Martens boots ♥

I have to admit, I am crazy about them too. I first started with the burgundy ones because at the moment, it was the only color available in my size :)) As I previously told you, they get out of stock rapidly and last year it was extremely difficult to put your hands on a pair. Nowadays, it’s the same situation, but I’ve learned my lesson and in order to get the next pair, I was a little stalker :)).


And this is how I get to the second pair: the white Dr. Martens boots. I wanted to share some of the outfits I wore and as you can see, they are super versatile, because they can go well with skirts, dresses and jeans too, no matter the season. In fact, I found the white pair, as I was searching for a black pair, but as expected, my size was nowhere to be found. Regarding the size, please be careful when you pick it, if you’ll place an online order: sizes are listed in US Size on SHOPBOP and it’s a bit different from what you’re normally used to, to be more precise, with the European sizes, but if you check the size conversions, there will be no mistakes.

Now, I will leave you some outfits that might inspire you and if you’re not already in love with the boots, maybe you’ll change your mind a bit. Don’t worry, I have some more, because another pair, another color will follow :))


And now, last but not least, the moment has arrived. At one year distance from the first pair of boots I’ve bought, the time has arrived and I finally managed to buy the so wanted black pair of Dr. Martens boots. It was the pair I wanted the most and I was happy to find out that they have launched an all black one, without the classic yellow touch.

Another important aspect that I want to mention, is that the burgundy pair, together with the black one are vegan. What does it actually means? The fabric is faux leather and believe me, the quality is amazing. I would not have even thought for a second that they are not made out of leather.

Also, as you can see, I bought all the 3 pairs with platform. This is the Jadon version, but you can also find pairs with low sole, plus the colors and prints come in many options. You’ll just have to search and find the pair that suits you the most and I will assure you that they will became an addiction :)).


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