Summer Holiday Essentials ♥


Hi loves,

Vogue might say it’s the September issue, but it was just for the pictures 🙂 I have prepared for you a super coll wishlist with summer essentials, especially if you’re planning a cool holiday, no matter the destination.

As you might already know, I am planning a trip to Greece and I just want to cutest and comfiest but mostly the most instagramable outfits! You know me! Everything that I buy should look nice in the pictures ♥ Regardless my reasons for buying items, my suggestions are also timeless. These pieces are not the kind that you’ll have to change by the season.

So without further ado, I just hope you’ll enjoy and get inspired with this post. I have prepared a small selection of dresses, accessories, swimsuits, shoes, bags and believe me, you can find some more items but you’ll have to take your time and browse the website because there are some gorgeous things that will make you want to buy them all!

Wish you all a new wonderful week.

Kisses, M ♥

First things first! I LIKE SHOES, LET’S GET SOME SHOES 🙂 You might know the lyrics from tiktok and I admit, I feel the song deep in my bones. Here you have 6 options but well, it was really hard do decide on them. Eve more, take notice: You have some great ones from Cult Gaia, Jacquemus, Aquazzura and more at a discount ♥ Sounds amazig, I know ♥

1. Castaner Slide Sandals 2. Aquazzura Plateau Sandals 3. 3.1. Phillip Lim Espadrille 4. Chloe Goselin Platform Sandals

5. Loeffler Randall Wrap Sandals 6. Paloma Barcelo Sandals

IMG_9195 IMG_9196

You can’t go through summer without some super cool, sexy and colorful swimsuits. Who is with me? I lost track of their number, but maybe this passion is due to the fact that I was a professional swimmer for 12 years. I know, everything comes with an excuse when I do compulsive shopping but you’ll understand my reasoning once you’ll see them ♥ I am really curious to know how do you like them to be: one piece, two pieces, high waist, low waist, cut out? You name it, Shopbop has it ♥

1. Tory Burch One Piece Swimsuit 2. DODO BAR OR: Bra & Bikini 3. Peixoto One Piece


And another round ♥

1. L*Space: Bra & Bikini 2. PatBO: Bandeau Top & Bikini 3. Agua Bendita: Top & Bikini

4. Solid & Striped: Strapless Top & Bikini


What about some summer dresses? I have to admit, I love to wear dresses during the summer, to wear colors and to feel free and comfortable. It can be a party dress or a casual one, made out of silk, denim or cotton, it actually doesn’t matter because it will leave a feminine touch regardless your pick ♥

1. Charina Sarte blue Dress 2. Rhode Pink Dress 3. English Factory Ruffle Dress


Yellow Mania:

1. Stine Goya Jasmine Dress 2. Suboo Baloon Sleeve Dress 3. Sea Sleeve Ruffles Dress


When it comes to accessories, I simply cannot leave the house without my bag, this is a total MUST, a hat, during the summer is indeed essential and of course, some jewelries that can bring a lovely touch to your entire outfit. Did I ever mentioned that I have more than 30 hats? :)) I am not talking about bags and jewelries today. This is a story for another day ♥

1. Brinker & Eliza Necklace 2. Shashi Capri Earrings 3. Isabel Marrant Shell Earrings


1. Janessa Leone Hat 2. Eugenia Kim Mirabel Hat


1. Kayu Reta Bag 2. Le Nine Nina Rainbow Bag 3. Pamela Munson ToteIMG_9200

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