Hi loves,

I am back with another outfit post! I admit, this kind of posts are my favorite but somehow I promised myself that from now on I will also start posting more about other topics too, like: beauty, skincare, shopping, travel & adventures! If this comes into your interest, I will be more than happy to receive some suggestions from you and to be able to provide something that will be helpful and fun to read in the same time!

Going back to our today’s topic, I am wearing a mix of summer/beginning of autumn outfit because the weather was a bit moody lately and I admit that it was a bit hard for me to find the most suitable outfit!

In fact, the only autumn outfit was the blazer but you know… a bit of drama never hurt nobody!

The center piece of this outfit, oh well, my newest acquisition when it comes to shoes ♥ Officially, I present you my second pair of Jacquemus shoes. I know that for some of you, this pair of sandals can be hard to digest but you also know that I usually go for not the usual shoes :)) I have only one pair of stiletto and some other “normal” pairs, but mostly I have shoes that can take the spotlight 😀 And I bet you want to know the fact that right now they have a super discount. Even bigger than the one I enjoyed ( Yes, I am jealous right now), meaning somewhere around 65% Discount!!

Also, have you noticed my pair of denim shorts? I was hunting the Agolde jeans for a while now and since the long one were sold out, I decided to go for the short ones! My mistake was to order them in a bigger size than needed but I was so enthusiastic to finally have my hands on a pair that I decided to not make a return!

What can I say, so me! Somehow, I hate to make returns. I always do my best to order them correctly and to place the orders only if I am 100% sure I want something! I think it’s fair enough for everybody, right? And one of my fav online shop when it comes to designer brands and must have pieces is Shopbop

Another premiere is me wearing this kind of hat :)) don’t get me wrong, I love hats, I have plenty but this bucket hat is the first one I decided to buy and actually wear! I find it hilarious and a bit funny but being normal it’s overrated( she said in her defense)!

But the overall outfit looks really interesting, don’t you think?! Something basic, something catchy and something different!  It brings me ghat Power Puff Girls vibe: sugar, spice and everything nice hahaha!

And now, some other great news!! You can use my code “Manuela30” for 30% discount on Mohito website. It’s available for full price items ONLY and it can be used until this Sunday ♥

With all this being said, good discounts, smart shopping, don’t spend all the money :))

That’s all for today and as usual, I will leave all the details and links for the items in the “I was wearing” section!

Wish you all a wonderful day!

Kisses, M

I was wearing:

Hat: Mohito, Blazer: Zara, Denim Shorts: Agolde, Bag: Mohito, Sandals: Jacquemus 



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