Milan Fashion Week – Second outfit


If you were asking me a few years ago what I want to do in the years that will come, I would have probably never imagined that I will be here. My first Fashion Week and I had the chance to attend 4 shows in the first day (actually is the second of MFW but the first for me): Luisa Beccaria, Anteprima, Les Copains and Atsushi Nakashima, were all checked.

During the first actual day, since we arrived late in Milan, we had the chance to attend only the Maryling and Annakiki shows, but for me it was just fine. Since I am here with Deea, believe me that I was not that sure that we will have so many things to do. In my mind I took it as a short fashionable holiday but it’s more like a 24h job for a week. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it at the fullest and just remember after reading this post to follow me on Facebook and Instagram too because you’ll get to see there all the activities in a real time update ♥

For sure, during the second day, this was by far my favorite outfit… it’s so me. You’ll get too see different outfits and I have to tell you that I’m trying to discover myself more, to get out of my comfort zone … as much as I can and to get the inspiration I need from all the people around me, because for sure they are all amazing. Just imagine: Kendal Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, Giovanna Battaglia, Chiara Ferragni and believe me the list can continue without having an end.

I won’t keep you longer because we are now in the 4th day and we have to get ready for other shows and amazing experiences.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Maria Lucia Hohan Dress

Maria Lucia Hohan Corset

Valentino Bag

Casadei Sandals

Dsquared Sunglasses

Meli Melo Accessories

Trip Provided by Top Fly Tourism

Pictures by: Iuliana Cristina Popescu












You also have to check my babe’s matching outfit: Xcentrica by Deea Codrea Here

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