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Omra outfit for another MFW day


I know I am a bit late with this outfit posts from Milan, but beside this one, believe me, there is just one more β™₯

Another day another story. We enjoyed the Dolce and Gabbana fashionable street style during the first part of the day and believe me, at this show you get to see the most amazing outfits, the most well known celebrities and the most inspiring persons. Lucky us, our hotel was right behind the corner and I am sure that Top Fly Tourism Agency did not knew about this when they booked our room at Roxy Hotel, but for sure it was amazing and we thank them for this opportunity and for their help and support.

Beside this amazing experience, during this day we had 3 more fashion shows to attend: Stella Jean, Maurizio Pecoraro and in the evening, the last of the day was Calcaterra. Busy day ahead, even if there are just 3 shows, you have to know that we were always on the run. Go to shows, change the outfits, take pictures, go to showrooms, quick make-up refresh and I just did not mentioned about hair and make-up routine. Oh and yes, remember to eat. It was not between the reminders we had but still, we just got to eat something after the last show when we dine again with the wonderful friends we find in Milan.

This was again another outfit I loved. Omra designs are just so fresh and different from what we are usually used to. And believe me, their designer recommended me another outfit that was truly fantastic but I wasn’t brave enough to get it. Sorry Chrisa for this, now I am sorry I took that decision, but I bet you already knew that! :))

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget that you have a direct link to each item of this outfit!

Have a fabulous day babes,

Kisses, M β™₯


I was wearing:

Omra Coat: Here

Omra Silk Dress: Here

Meli Melo Hat: Here

Meli Melo Sunglasses: Here

Nissa Bag: Here

Mineli Boutique Mules: Here


Travel Sponsored by: Top Fly Agency

Pictures by: The Storyalist







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