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Hi loves,

For today I have prepared another beauty experience and advice. Since my natural lashes are short and super straight, for a while now I had decided to use eyelashes extensions in various forms: 2D, 2D + 3D and now I will tell you more about the eyelashes extensions with eyeliner effect.

But first, I want to tell you that from my point of view, for a more natural effect, you should never go only for 3D lashes, but this is only a matter of taste and in the end you should do what you think is more suitable for you. I know that there are also many other techniques with even more lashes applied but sometimes it can be too much and you don’t really want to have lots of eyelashes applied because then you’ll have shadows over your eyes and it’s really possible to create the impressions that you are really tired because will give you the effect of dark circles even if it is not the case.

About the new lashes trend I have tried well, as I have told you, I am talking about eyelashes extensions with eyeliner effect at Chic Lashes. Because of the natural effect I wanted, we decided to go for a combination between 2D and 3D. This lashes are applied in the same way as any other, the difference being the fact that the eyeliner effect is obtain due to the fact that they are thicker at the base.

I will leave you all the pictures here and if you need any other information feel free to leave a comment or to write me and I will answer all your questions!

Kisses, M ♥



I know that I might have the eyes a bit… let’s say not really straight :)) But for the sake of a good review and a good picture where you can see the final result, I accept all the bad jokes that might come 😀 :))



This is the face of a happy and satisfied girl!

Kisses ♥

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