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Hard Rock Hotel Bali


Hi loves,

Today I want to turn back to the holiday we had in Bali and share some new details with you from the time we spent there. I was a bit busy and didn’t quite manage to deal with all the things after our return as planed, but I think that is never too late to share great memories with you that can also inspire you for the next trip you might plan.

While we were in Bali, in Seminyak to be more specific, we decided to spend one day at the Hard Rock Hotel Pool which is actually situated in Kuta and we had to get there by cab, but it was like 15 min away. We did not went there just for the pool, because as you can guess this place is not just about rooms where you can sleep and a pool where to relax.

Because the day was a bit cloudy and it rained in the morning, we first enjoyed the Traditional Balinese massage for couples. Since we were together, I thought it will be a bit strange to enjoy the massage only one at the time, because the other one would have stayed alone. In this way for one hour, we actually slept together hahaha and we charged our batteries because right after we finished we realized that the sun came out and it became a perfect day for the pool.

And so, another day in paradise has started right after we changed in our swimming suits, we went for lunch at their pool restaurant called Splash. The food was amazing and it was nothing unexpected since I also enjoy the food at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest. Sure, there is a small difference between them and I guess is due to the location they are placed, but in the end their principle is the same.

What was left? To spend the half of the day in the private cabana pool, to swim and get some Balinese tan :D, to enjoy some snacks from the basket they brought us and relax hearing the ocean waves because the pool is situated right across the street from the beach.

You can say that is was a pity to go to the pool when you have the Indian Ocean across the street, but believe me it was not. I don’t know if it is like this all year round, but during this season, the ocean currents are really strong and when I say this I mean it. It is really hard to keep your balance when the waves come and go and it is basically impossible to swim even for me with more than 12 years of professional swimming. The only moment when I was brave enough to go deeper into the ocean was when I had my surf lessons, but I was basically on the board and I was pushed by the instructor :)). Otherwise, I went into the water at a no more than a hip level let’s say and even more, the swimming was actually forbidden andΒ  were flags all over the beach.

So, I hope you will enjoy my little story and also piece of advice: you can enjoy the beach and the Indian Ocean but remember to be careful, the currents are really strong. And if you are into sports, do some surf too πŸ˜€ But if you want to swim, to relax and make some bubbles go to Hard Rock Hotel πŸ˜€ :)) β™₯

Wish you a wonderful evening,

Kisses, M β™₯









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