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My first winter in Austria


Hi loves,

We just got back from our trip to Austria and I decided to share with you some of my favorites spots and to let you know how our holiday went, since there is a lot to tell.

But I will try to make a version of  a “long story short”.

So, since it was a spontaneous trip, everything was set up super fast and 2 days after we decided for it, we hit the road. Since we live in Bucharest, Romania, we actually made 2 days by car until we arrived in Solden, Austria, with a one night sleepover in Hungary.

The bad part of it, was the fact that it snowed  the entire trip and thus we actually made more than 24h on the road, instead of 18h as it should have been on normal weather conditions.  This was also the reason behind the fact that we did not arrived in time to take some nice shots in Hallstatt, because we arrived after sunset and thus the light was gone. Still, I managed to take a panoramic view of the most pictured city in the world ( at least that’s what they say) and if you did not knew, the Chinese managed to replicate the city in their country. As impossible as it sounds, I googled it and it is a true 1.1 replica. I knew they are actually the best when it comes to replicate the bags, shoes and clothing but this is a whole new level.

Anyway, just in order to skip this amazing city and continue my story, I will tell you that it will remain on my travel wishlist and hopefully I will manage to visit in once again this year ♥


Once we finished with Hallstatt ( faster than we anticipated), we went for the final destination, Solden. It sounds a bit scary, if you think about the movie, but believe it or not, once again, for a normal trip of one hour an a half, we actually drive for almost 6 hours. So it was a horrible road but in the end we managed to arrive at our host, Mount Everest Apartments. As you may expect, we rent a one bedroom apartment with a living room and a nice equipped kitchen. And the most amazing part of it? For sure it was the terrace that had a perfect view and the cherry on top was the river at bottom of the mountain. It was so peaceful to hear it, especially during the evening while the snow was falling.

Since I did not managed to take some shots on the terrace, because our trip was shortened due to some sad motives, I will leave you a picture of the river and I will continue with some pictures I took on the mountains while having some fun with the snowboard.

What’s nice about Solden is the fact that you can enjoy up to 144 km of slopes suitable for beginners, advanced and experts when it comes to winter sports. Even more, at 3048m above sea level you’ll find out an amazing restaurant, Ice Q, which is actually a well known tourist attraction due to the fact that some parts from the James Bond Spectre movie was filmed there. During one of our days on the slopes we got there to take a look and make a reservation on a sunnier day. I’ve heard that the view is amazing up there but sadly, we did not managed to honor it for the same sad reason that brought us back home unexpected.

And a difference I’ve noticed beside the numerous slopes, comparing to our mountain destinations, was the fact that the bars and restaurants were located somewhere on the slopes and not at the bottom of them as we constantly see in Romania. Of course they have also restaurants in the city, but I found it interesting how they decided to position them. Also, really interesting was the peas and sausages soup I have eaten in one of the restaurants. It was actually the first time I had it and when I first saw it, believe it or not, it was really strange and kind of disgusting. You may not know, but I love to experiment and try new things and in the end it was really delicious.











As you can see, my ass was as wet as possible :)) It sounds funny, but since I am a beginner, I take a lot of breaks and also I fall a lot… true sad story. But I get up over and over again, trying to be better every single time. I can say I had some success with this, because an improvement is really visible.

Last but not least, we also managed to take a day off from the slopes and went to Aqua Dome. It’s a thermal spa, 15km away from Solden. It was quite interesting to wear a swimsuit and stay into the outside pool while it snowed and we had -5 Celsius degrees. I can say it was a must try activity and we couldn’t missed it.

We did not managed to try/see them all, but it was actually the best decision we have made, to turn back home. I have no regrets and it was for our best.

Maybe at some point, I will have the chance to visit Solden again and for sure I will not skip Hallstatt on our way there :)) and also Ice Q will be on our list + I will manage to take more outfit shots too hahaha.

There are always lot of things I want to do, but sometimes I feel that I don’t have enough time. Maybe I am not that good at time management, but for this new year, this is one thing I want to work on. I want to be more efficient, to travel more and last but not least, to find that time to enjoy the things I have in my life. But well, my resolutions are for another story.

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you were in Solden too, let me know what I have missed.

Kisses, M ♥





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