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Say YES to yourself


Hi loves,

February, from a commercial perspective, is the month of love. I am saying this because from a personal perspective, love should be celebrate every single day and in fact we don’t really need a reason to bring smiles, flowers and gifts. But somehow, I still enjoy it, because it forces us to take time for the loved ones.

But beside the wonderful feeling of loving others and making them happy, when was the last time you said YES to yourself? That’s a question Tom Tailor asks in their new campaign and I have to admit, this is something that deserves everyone’s attention ♥

Saying yes to yourself, means to love yourself the way you are, to get through the small imperfections(that we all have), to enjoy the small pleasures in life without feeling guilty in a way or another. You should remember to smile, to feel confident and above all to stop comparing yourself to others.  For example, I don’t really have role models. I believe that is good to be inspired, but in the same note, you should create your own dreams and fight for them in your own way because we are both the ones that can make them happen but also the ones that can ruin them with the negativity and pessimism that can take over our mindset.

I know it’s hard to stay 24/7  positive and I know that life is not as perfect as we want it to be. Most of the time, people tend to blame others for their disappointments or for their bad luck, but the change should always start with us. I don’t really want to write that much about motivational stuff and to give advices that I, personally, can’t always follow.

But as you know, I am always trying to stay positive and to see the bright side of everything. I also have insecurities and deceptions, as we all do, but it depends on me how I get through them and taking into consideration that I only live once, I want to make the most of it.

I hope you will have a head start this week and don’t forget to smile and to say YES to yourself!

Kisss, M ♥





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