All White for Sunny Spring Days


Hi loves,

This is the last time I am going to tell you about my flu :)) It’s a promise because I feel a bit better and have a good feeling about it. I think in 2-3 day I will be back on track, in my best shape ♥

I am also telling you this because, as stupid as it may sound, I wore this outfit only to take these pictures :)) I wanted to create contend and regardless my bad condition I got out, meet Oana for 30 min maximum, take the shots and get back home under my pillow! So yes, I am going to wear it again, probably really soon because I love it and I also felt really good in it.

You might have seen already, but this season it’s a lot about jumpsuits. I already had a blue denim one from the previous season ( if you remember, I wore it last September during MFW) but once I saw this white one, I knew I had to have it. You can find it online on Jessica Buurman shop and as a matter of fact, I think you need to know that I ordered L and it fits perfectly. It’s not only about how large it is but also it’s at a limit on the body length. I am 173 tall and it was essential to have a proper size.

Regarding the bag, I had to improvise: It’s a small DKNY bag into a transparent no name bag. I searched a bit and found similar ones that come together. You’ll find some direct links to those suggestions and it seems it is also a trend ♥ Happy to find this :))

And last but not least, you don’t know, but I wanted a pair of Balenciaga for a while now. I actually had a love and hate relation with them. I love them, but I hate the fact that they are everywhere, until the last aspect didn’t matter anymore and after a lot of time, I finally got my hands on them :)) You’ll see them a lot, I can tell this in advance :))

As usual, you’ll find all the details in the I was wearing section!

Wish you all a lovely week.

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Hat: Fandacsia

Jumpsuit: Jessica Buurman

Bag: DKNY + a Transparent Bag ( You can find a set at: Staud, Pop & Suki or Loeffler Randall)

Sneakers: Balenciaga






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