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Snake print: Still a thing?


Hi loves,

Last week I wore this snake print dress from Jessica Buurman and I felt amazing in it. But while editing, I started asking myself if snake print is still a thing?

If you’re asking yourself the same questions, well, snake print is a major trend this year. So yes, you can still wear it as you wish and feel fabulous in it ♥

And as for today, I want to share the new Sales that are going on. Shopbop  ( you can click on the website name to be directed straight to the sales) gives you extra discounts on the items that are already on Sale and thus, you can get up to 70% less for your favorite designer items. I have some items added on my wishlist, but sadly, this time nothing is on sale, but still, I will place my order with 3 of my favorite pairs of sunglasses :)) You may think it’s too much, but well, I am trying at least to stay away from the shoes. And believe me, I also have a few that I want and I could have used the discount code: SCORE19

I will let you explore the wonderful items on the website and I will leave now because I have an order to place :))

If you’re wondering, here are the pairs I want: Balenciaga Sunglasses, YSL Sunglasses, Versace Sunglasses ♥ Different yet catchy ♥

Wish you a lovely day,

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Jessica Buurman Dress


Balenciaga Sneakers





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