Brown Tones


Hi loves,

I know that these days we stay more at home and try to fight this horrible virus. In this regard, I just hope that you are all safe and healthy. I know that self isolation is hard, but it’s the only thing that it can actually make the difference. I have mixed feelings like anxiety because I am a super active person but in the same time I feel happy for having time for myself first and second because I get to spend some quality time with the dear ones.

Do you remember those days when you wanted so bad to have a few free days? Just try to think about it and it will mentally help you to get through this period. I have to admit that I sleep a lot, exercise everyday and most of all, I am paying more attention to my skin and my needs.

Last but not least, I am doing some online shopping :)) I know, it’s not as important as the problems we deal with nowadays, but we all need a moment to breath and enjoy the moment. Plus, as I am always telling you, smart shopping is the key to a well organized dressing.

In all this chaos, beside everything else, I am mostly proud of a new cute little bag from Fendi ordered from Shopbop ♥ Can’t wait to show it to you, but for the moment is in transit and first I need to disinfect it once it will arrive :)) But I don’t know when I will be able to take some nice outfit pictures again. Let’s hope for the best and in the mean time, after I will use all the pictures made in advance, I will start taking pictures of myself in the house :))

Moving on, aside online shopping, I will miss going into the Mercari stores to find some goodies. Everytime I entered one of their stores, I left poorer :)) but with so many amazing items for which I have no regrets. As it is the case today, the blazer and the classic white shirt are from Mercari. But for the moment I cannot advise you to just go outside and check their items. But be sure, since I am staying home, I am also saving money :)) No fuel, no dinners in the city and so on. Just the essential food and some basic bills that must be paid monthly :)).

Girls, just be safe and safe nowadays means to stay home.

Take care of you and let’s talk more here or you know that you can always find me on Instagram ♥

Virtual hugs and kisses!


I was wearing:

Sunglasses: YSL


Shirt: Liebeskind

Leather Pants: Bershka

Boots: Alexander Wang

Bag: Lynne




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