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Good Evening Loves ♥ I bet most of you face difficulties when the season is changing and when we all have to switch our wardrobes from summer to autumn, right?

I have to confess that I just added some items suitable for autumn, like blazers, jackets and a few pairs of jeans and pants, but not really all of them since the weather is still great and we still have the summer degrees with us. At least during the day because during the evening the temperature changes and is a bit cold.

So, for today I have prepared a mix between the summer and the autumn items. The dress is perfect for going to the beach, while the jacket and the boots perfect for the evening. In the end the look turned to be a bit inspired by the boho trend and I liked to keep my hair simple for a casual look.

The transition might not be always simple, you have to keep the items that you can still combine and be suitable for the weather that is coming. For example keep your short jeans, t-shirts, casual dresses that can be combined with leather jackets, 3/4 pants because you can wear them with over the knee boots and mainly basics. I always have them in my wardrobe because they are easy to be combined and they still look great. Pay attention also to their textures and fabric. If they are to “summerish” you`ll probably get the wrong look.

I hope it will be helpful for you and that my suggestions will ease your work.

Wish you all a wonderful week!

Kisses, M ♥


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