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The unconventional work outfit


Hi loves. Today I want to present you a new outfit perfect for Autumn and perfect for the back to work activities that we all start once the season changes. I know is a bit unconventional and if you are working front desk at a bank for example, this kind of outfit is not really allowed, but I am sure that this is not the only job in the world and that there are also working places where your boss is more flexible regarding this aspect.

Since I was talking about the outfit, by unconventional I was referring to this dress and I can guess that you already thought about this. It was found after I have made a small research that had the main goal to find new shopping destinations where I can find qualitative items at affordable prices. Between many, I also found vipme.com and this is also the website from which I ordered this great dress. Perfect size description and perfect fit. I always like to consult the size table because in this way I know I will never order something smaller or bigger and in a short time the package arrived at my door.

The first impression when some friends saw me wearing it, was that I`m wearing a 3 piece outfit: Skirt, Blouse and a lace bra over it. But in fact is a dress that combines them all together in one piece. I love it because it also has buttons from the neck to the bottom and elastic waist for a better comfort.

So, do you consider it suitable for office? If you are still thinking, I will invite you to search for your style and perfect outfit on their website Here, because for sure you will be in love with more than one item and you will find the one you love for sure. Also, If you are from Romania, you already know that some other websites stopped their shipping to our country, but here is another great shopping destination that you can try and for sure you will be more than happy with it.

You also know, that I like to share with you reliable info about where and how to do smart shopping and to try new but trusty websites.

So, I hope you will enjoy it and as usual, you will find also a direct link to the dress in the I was wearing section.

P.S.: You can also enjoy my coupon code: SIManuela127 for a $5 discount at checkout for orders over $50 and also if you register now, you will get a $30 coupon code. What can be more great than this? ♥

Kisses, M ♥

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