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New Outfit + Final Sales of the Year ♥


Hi loves,

For today I have probably the last outfit post of the year and as an extra, I want to share with you the final sales of the year. You cannot missed this event and enjoy it.

As the Christmas requires, I bet you had the chance to spend a lot of money to buy the presents for the dearest ones. But, I always used to spend them with moderation and buy what they really want and need, because I always plan to spend also some money after the Holidays, because every year, each brand and website plan to offer some final sales that are really impossible to refuse.

So, this time, you can gen up to 75% discounts, by using the code “JOY25” on all the already discounted items on my favorite website. While I am writing you this post, I also search the website to find my perfect new items at super good prices and already had a wishlist, that you’ll find at the end of this post.

If you’re IN for some shopping, hurry up, most of the items are immediately sold out since they are so desirable. Anyway, you can check the website HERE and let me know if you have some favorites.

Beside the great sales, here you have another outfit post, that was promised a while ago. Pink? Yes please. I have this fluffy jacket, the shoes and a cute pink bag. You can find all the items in the I was wearing section.

Many of you asked me about the shoes already on my Instagram account. I have them from the website I was talking about and got them at a great discount, on their previous sales. Giuseppe Zanotti is for sure my favorite shoes designer and everytime I have the chance, for sure I pick one of his designs.

Another item that was highly appreciated is the pink fluffy jacket. It keeps me really warm during these cold winter days and it’s also really eye catching. For this item, you can go on Na-Kd.com and find it also on red, if you think pink is a bit too much for your style.

With all these being said, I won’t keep you longer here and invite you to enjoy the second day of Christmas and also to enjoy some shopping before the New Year’s Eve.

Have a wonderful day,

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:

Na-Kd Pink Jacket

Vip.com Pants

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

YVY Bags Pink Bag







1. Theory Clairene FB Faux Fur Coat

2. Milly Cascade Skirt

3. Jacquemus Les Chaussures Boucle Pumps

4. Giuseppe Zanotti Slingback Sandal Pumps

5. Frances Valentine Dottie Bow Mules

6. Rebecca Taylor Si Violet Vel Dress

7. Adrienne Landau Mongolian Lamb Jacket

8. Jacquemus Large Button Pumps


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