There is no such thing as a bad day for Shopping + New outfit


Hi loves,

Today I canceled all my plans because I am not in my best shape and I feel a bit ill. Still, being home alone, makes my day more relaxing and I decided to prepare this new post for you that has been waiting to be posted for a while and also, I will start editing 2 travel clips for my Youtube Channel: one is from my holiday in Bali that took place last year during summer and the second one is from my recent roar trip.

I discovered that I have a lot to show you, but I was so bad at time management lately that I completely forgot about them. Well, I guess it’s never too late to share some incredible moments and places, because I saw that it’s a new trend to visit Bali and I can share with you some tips, that will be useful for sure.

Beside my bad condition, when I should probably just lay in bed and get some rest, I am working. So when people some bloggers do nothing or influencers are not useful, take into consideration the fact that for us, this is a full time job, we work non stop, the 9-17 program does not applied and also the Mon-Fri is a myth in the blogging field. I don’t actually remember my last free weekend, probably it was during NYE :)).

Anyway, today I also took some time to do some shopping. Yeah, some pleasure before work because I can (this is the main advantage of my work: I can take a free day or a free hour whenever I want).

I bet that what was into my shopping cart will not come as a surprise to you: I am talking about shoes ♥ If you remember my last post that included a wishlist, I included 2 pairs of Jacquemus shoes. Well, it’s not one of them, but I really loved the brand and their unique shoes so I had to order one ♥ I will share it with you, once it will arrive. Or maybe, I am thinking to create a new Youtube video in which I am talking about my shoes collection, what do you think?

So, to get straight into business and serious things, I will tell you more about the Sales running for 3 days. You can get an extra 25% discount on the already discounted designer items, meaning that the final price can be less with up to 75%. Isn’t it amazing?

You have to check for the GETLUXE under the price of each product. It it is written, then the product is part of the campaign. Also, GETLUXE is the code you must use when you place the order if you want to enjoy the discount. You will have a large variety of products that will include a selection of shoes, clothing, bags and accessories ♥

I will leave you a picture with more details and you can check the website HERE or simply click on the image and you’ll be directed straight to the website selection of Designer items on sale.

Wish you all a wonderful day and enjoy shopping!

Oh, I almost forgot: I hope you also enjoy the new outfit in warm tones, perfect for a sunny winter day! You’ll get all the details and links for each item!

Kisses, M ♥


I was wearing:

Jacket & Pants: H&M

Sweater: Similar Here

Bag: YVY Bags

Sneakers: Fenty x Puma






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